Bikerock with mollygogo? No just kiddin´. As usual, when mollygogo enters the stage, this will be one furious party-evening, musically speaking that is. And the danceability is second to none and will surely bring forth your happy feet on the dancefloor.

Mollygogo was founded in 2001 while the guys were still in high school and relied on false id´s to get their shopping done at the liquor store. And through all the years since then, they´ve ravaged the stages at the local venues, home parties, festivals, weddings and confirmations. The band has been on tour in Norway (of course), as well as England and USA, and they´ve released 3 albums. The music is a fusion of ska and punkrock, and is characterized by upbeats, saxophones and shameless melodies, occasionally in a frenetic tempo. With a twinkle in their eyes and party on their agenda, mollygogo is a band that should be experienced live and unbridled.

Basement opens at 23:00 – Showtime 23:30 – ID:20 year. TICKETS: Nok 100,-